Aquarius: AI ensemble engine for coastal hazard predictions

Ocean Decade ID : 0.4
Lead Institution


Lead Institution Contact Person

Delphine Lobelle –

Countries where the project will be implemented:

Benin, Cabo Verde, Italy, Mozambique, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain


The Aquarius project is hosted under the ‘PredictOnTime’ Core Project of the ‘CoastPredict’ programme. Aquarius aims to deliver coastal predictive products for local coastal zones vulnerable to extreme natural hazards. Aquarius will provide near-real-time insights through science-based analytical capabilities from observations, modelling, and forecasting to deliver early-warning capabilities to support decision-making, policy development, and capacity development. Ultimately, this will improve coastal resilience and preparedness to protect people, nature, and infrastructure in specific coastal zones. Aquarius is cross-regional, with partners in four African countries and seven European countries – the digital tool is also being tested in the South-East US and Pacific Islands. At the core of our product design is co-creation with stakeholders (including decision-makers). Ocean literacy efforts will also be supported via a Digital Twin.