Climate Data for Community Action

Ocean Decade ID : 9.4
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Kevin Mukai –

Countries where the project will be implemented

United States of America (USA) 

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Climate change, sea level rise, episodic flooding events, and other coastal hazards are impacting coastal communities around the world at unprecedented, and accelerating rates. Limited empirical data has led to subpar risk assessments and actionable resiliency efforts. The Climate Data for Community Action project provides actionable real-time data and insights from a comprehensive environmental sensor and data delivery network for up to a dozen South Pacific Island Nations. Insights from new data provided by the network will help policymakers from multiple agencies better prepare for emerging threats from tidal flooding, tropical disturbances, troublesome drainage areas. tsunami inundation, and resulting coastal infrastructure damage. The data is made available and interpretable to communities as well. allowing for co-design in resilience planning. Sustainability planning, emergency management, and maintenance teams will leverage this system to save time. money. and even lives.

Team Members
  • Dr. Brian Glazer, CEO