Coastal Pollution Toolbox

Ocean Decade ID : 64.4
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Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon

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Marcus Lange-

Ralf Ebinghaus –

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Countries where the project will be implemented:

Our three focal areas of research are the North East Atlantic, the Baltic and the Arctic. However, as we continue to expand our network globally we seek implementation of our approach in and the transferability of lessons learned to other areas, such as locations in developing countries of the Global South in Africa and South East Asia.


The key scientific theme is knowledge transfer of scientific findings: The Coastal Pollution Toolbox (CPT) serves as a knowledge hub and information platform for decision-makers and scientists to obtain information services for action. Tools provide showcases that address the challenge of marine and coastal pollution in temperate and polar coastal zones. The CPT will deliver predictive capacities. services and products for marine and coastal systems. Some products will link field data with complex models and applications with visualisation allowing for forecasting and prediction. The activity is open for GlobalCoast Pilot sites. This allows to improve decision-making in a cost-effective manner. A co-development framework will ensure the science basis for actionable knowledge. The “box of tools” is intended to be co-developed with stakeholders and users using contemporary trans-disciplinary methods. This facilitates interest and use by a range of coastal and marine decision-makers. The Coastal Pollution Toolbox network of registered users includes partners from more than 160 organisations in 34 countries.