Integrating Coastal Hazard Warning Systems for TAC

Lead Institution

UNESCO IOC Regional Secretariat for the Caribbean and Adjacent Regions Sub-Commission IOCARIBE – Colombia

Lead Institution Contact Person

Christa G. Von Hillebrandt-Andrade –

Challenge Addressed
  • Challenge 6: Community Resilience
  • Challenge 7: Ocean Observations
  • Challenge 10: Behaviour Change
Basins Covered
  • North Atlantic Ocean
  • Caribbean Sea

Participants in TAC workshops recommended the Co-Design, Co-Production and Co-Delivery of Integrated Multiple Coastal Hazard Early Warning System and Services for the Tropical Americas and Caribbean (TAC). The project will prioritize the integration of existing and new coastal hazards early warning systems and services considering four components: Monitoring and Warning, Risk Knowledge, Warning Dissemination and Communication, and Response Capabilities, supported by capacity development.

Linkages to regional and international efforts and national and local priorities would be maximized and strengthened. Many ocean-related hazards and their impacts would be considered, including Tropical Cyclones, Climate Change, Tsunami, Sargassum, Wastewater, Oil Spills, and Coral Bleaching, mindful of the impacts and lessons from COVID-19.

Regional, national and local impacts will be identified and common features of the underlying infrastructure elements will be enhanced and optimized.