SUSTAIN: PH ocean observing and coastal resource management

Ocean Decade ID : 58.4
Lead Institution

Marine Science Institute, University of the Philippines Dilima

Lead Institution Contact Person

Aletta Yñiguez –

Countries where the project will be implemented



The Philippines is endowed with rich marine biodiversity and resources, and more than half of Filipinos rely on these marine resources. However, these are threatened by local stressors (e.g., pollution, coastal development) and climate change. To ensure these are sustained and to mitigate risks from coastal ecosystem threats, timely and relevant science-based information is imperative to effectively manage coastal ecosystems and mitigate the risks coastal communities face. To better understand and plan for sustainable use of these coastal ecosystems, the means to monitor and evaluate their state, and have systems that provide relevant information for stakeholders are very much needed. Thus, the main objective of this project is to develop both the technological and socio-ecological capacities for ocean observation and modeling and enhance understanding and management of current and emerging coastal ecosystem threats through fit-for-purpose and co-design approaches. The first component will deploy ocean observation technologies and use ocean biogeochemical models to understand and project changes in coastal oceanography and productivity due to environmental shifts. The second component will evaluate the prevalence of persistent biological toxins, and new and emerging toxins. The third component, in conjunction with the other projects, will engage different stakeholders such as coastal community representatives, LGUs, relevant NGAs and industries in co-designing and developing fit-for-purpose ocean observation and modeling tools that can help address specific concerns at the target coastal areas. The sites chosen represent different coastal ecosystem uses: capture fisheries, aquaculture, and tourism in biodiversity hotspots. The program will develop use cases with the stakeholders for planning and management of their coastal resources.

Team Members

University of the Philippines Diliman

  • Lilibeth Salvador-Reyes
  • Devralin Lagos 
  • Cesar L. Villanoy  
  • Charina Amedo-Repollo 
  • Charissa Ferrera 
  • Irene Rodriguez
  • Ma. Corazon Tan 
  • Cesar Allan Vera 


Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

  • Roy Ortega 
  • Sonia Som