The future of the Coastal Zone

Observing and Predicting the Global Coastal Ocean in support of sustainable economics and coastal policies

October 8, 2021
h. 16.30 – 18.00 (GST) | 14.30 – 16.00 (CET) | 06.30 – 08.00 (MDT)
Venue Italy Pavillion – Anfiteatro, EXPO 2020 Dubai
Format: Forum

Innovation, science, policy-making, sustainable development, and climate change are all part of the same dialogue that aims to identify the best solutions for interaction between environmental systems and human societies on a global and local scale.

The well-being of people on the planet is closely linked to how we address the climate
challenge to guarantee future generations a perspective of sustainable development.
Decisions need science to provide increasingly precise, timely and robust information and data.

The actions to be taken require the application of the most advanced and cutting-edge technologies.

In all of this, the Global Coastal Ocean is a significant player: near the coast climate change affects the ecosystem health and the way it supports and accommodates goods and services.

Understanding the Global Coastal Ocean in ever greater detail and its many facets is one of the most advanced challenges for societies and the world. The UN Decade of ocean science for sustainable development (, started in 2021, is a unique opportunity to advance knowledge, infrastructure and solutions for the ocean.

One of the endorsed UN Decade programmes is “CoastPredict: observing and predicting the Global Coastal Ocean” that aims at redefining the global coastal ocean science and solutions for the coastal ocean we need for the future we want.
The event offers an opportunity for dialogue between policy-makers, business
representatives and science to tell the story of a world in great flux where the scientific community uses technological innovation to produce knowledge at ever greater levels of detail and decision-making.


Nadia Pinardi, chair CoastPredict, CMCC, University of Bologna, Italy

UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development

Albert Fisher, Head of GOOS program, UNESCO-IOC (remote participation)
Villy Kourafalou, co-chair CoastPredict, University of Miami (remote participation)

Ocean science: data, forecasting and services

Joaquìn Tintoré, co-chair CoastPredict, Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and
Forecasting System & IMEDEA, Spain
Chris Davis, NCAR, USA (remote participation)

Industry perspectives

Giovanni Sylos Labini, CEO Planetek Italia (remote participation)
Philip Easthill, European Boating Industry — tbc
Van Oord — tbc

Round Table Discussion

The research and innovation we need for the coast that we want
Moderator: Nadia Pinardi chair CoastPredict, CMCC, University of Bologna, Italy