The objectives

  1. A predicted Global Coastal Ocean. 
  2. A fit-for-purpose oceanographic information infrastructure benefiting stakeholders such as specialised users who interpret, share and sometimes sell information to end users such as businesses, government and individuals.
  3. An integrated coastal ocean observing and forecasting system adhering to best practices and standards, designed as a global framework and implemented locally.
  4. Open and free access to coastal information and the growth of ocean literacy.
  5. Innovative and sustainable applications tor coastal solutions/services.

The benefits

CoastPredict will offer us an integrated and comprehensive knowledge of the Global Coastal Ocean, including the urban ocean, from short timescale events to climate change, as well as impacts of societal drivers.
lt will result in an integrated coastal and open ocean observing and modelling system and improved, multidisciplinary, and extended range predictive capability far the coastal zone. By the end of the Ocean Decade, observations and modelling will be integrated in the coastal ocean and we will be closer to having the ocean we need far the future we want.
Specifically, we will be able to:

  • Enhance the value of and quality of end-user products such as forecasts.
  • Offer reliable predictions of different potential futures.
  • Develop new multi-platform observing and modelling technologies and expand coverage into regions and communities where before this would have been economically unviable.
  • lmprove human interaction with our oceans.
  • Mitigate the impact of climate change, restare habitats and advance sustainable and blue economies.

Get involved

CoastPredict will make vital, real and lasting change. If you would like to support us please get in touch to start the conversation about how you can help and what contribution will be enable us to achieve together.

Potential investor and supporters please contact us to discuss possible projects and funding opportunities that align with your needs.