CoastPredict is supported by a Secretariat funded by the CMCC Foundation – Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici (Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change).

The CoastPredict Secretariat provides coordination between the partners and technical support to ensure the development of the programme and connections across the projects developed within the CoastPredict framework.


Main tasks of the the Secretariat:

  • Support the governance bodies and steering structure
  • Ensure an effective communication flow to and between the partners and stakeholders
  • Communications, including announcements, preparation of informational materials
  • Organize conferences and events
  • Support the effective development of all activities  defined by the governance bodies
  • Act as point of  contact
CoastPredict Secretariat:
Mairead O’Donovan |
Areeba Moiz I
Paraskevi Tsitsopoulou |