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  1. This initiative seems promising and well organized. However it lacks the current developments on on-demand forecasts already available that can be used to address both themes 2 (Multi-hazard coastal prediction systems) and theme 5 (Forecasting and applications for sustainable coastal economic activities), allowing the fast and simple development of 2D barotropic, 2D waves & currents and 3D baroclinic circulation deployments anywhere in the world. Rather than developing from scratch new (or refurbished) forecast systems, my suggestion for a better implementation of the UN goals is to 1) include the integration of new modules for biogeochemistry in the on-demand services and 2) integrate robust artificial intelligence models based on the many sources of ocean-to-coast data.

    The on-demand service is OPENCoastS and it is described in many publications:

    This service is freely available to all upon registration at:

    I am available for any discussions and contributions to coastpredict that you see fit:

  2. The initiative is promising and very important in light of climate change. Climate change impacts finally bearing on coastal habitats and population. The understanding and prediction of the coastal ocean and it’s likely coastal areas due to hazards and marine pollution need to be addressed. The existing programmes of member states could also be integrated as part of this initiative.

  3. This is an excellent initiation as the prediction of coastal ocean state is directly related and benefitted to the coastal inhabitants, which include storm tides, sea level rise, wind waves and coastal eco system.

  4. Excellent draft with practical, sensible & sustainable development goals aimed to achieve through the initiative, my hearty congratulations for such an effort. Will be happy to assist/contribute in any possible collaborative ways for the successful implementation of the programme. Best wishes.

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